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School Administrators obviously plod through a cumbersome exercise in dealing with multiple tasks at the start of each academic year. Besides, the bulky exercise of maintaining rosters, collecting fees etc, is continued throughout the year. To make matters worse, school websites are compelled to set up student accounts in apple-pie-order. Exactly at this juncture, YeS comes in handy.

Offering a straightforward utility, Your e- School software tool acts, on one end, like a pipe that connects to your school student information system and funnels information received from your school to learning apps that set up connections on the other end. YeS! YeS is an end to end solution towards providing administrative solutions to individual schools bundled with fully operational school website.

YeS enables all member schools to send their student information to various web and mobile apps at the click of a button. YeS portal also makes anyone access primary information of member schools, which have been integrated into a single platform.

Why to opt YeS:

YeS is a huge load off the plate of the member schools, as it assists in maintaining individual websites with mobile app support . Facilitating every member school to be the admin of its own in providing services to its students and parents, YeS makes each school solve challenges of the day, while iterating as swift as one could solve the problems possibly pop up tomorrow.

Benefactor to:

School Management: School management can generate necessary reports towards tracking fee collections, outstanding dues, student's academic status like pass / failure information, feedback from parents etc.,. The mentioned services will be available through our web site / mobile app.

School Admin: School admin can perform their daily activities through our website. School admin can track attendance, share Time Table/Schedule which will be accessible to students & teachers.

Parents: Parents will have access to their children’s academic track record and can interact with faculty/school management from the said school website/mobile app.

Students: Students will be able to access their attendance status, marks, teacher postings like home works etc.,, share knowledge from school's website / mobile app through student interface.

Complimentary services: 90 Days free trail services will be offered to all member schools from the date of enrolment (SMS recharge cost should be borne by the school management).



Our Key Features

Dedicated Website

Every member school/college does have a dedicated Website of its own.

Beyond Borders

All member schools are well integrated with global access through YeS website.

Listens To Users

Making navigation intuitive, simple and also speed, YeS is very user-friendly website.

Dynamic Updates

YeS enables member schools to update / modify students’ data at their end.


Necessary reports can be generated conveniently.

Ample Admin Services

Through admin related 100+ online services of YeS, students and parents are integrated with respective member schools.

PAN India Presence

YeS services are available across the boundaries to all schools in India.

SMS Services

Schools can send fee reminders, attendance particulars, exam notifications, marks details etc., to parents / students.

Bulk SMS Recharge

Member schools can recharge BULK SMS at their end as per their requirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your E-School is a complete school management software with various modules which helps to (supervise/operate) or record full school system such as Student information, Teacher information, Attendance, Admissions, Time table, Exam marks, Library management, Fee tracking, Transport management and we can say, it is about complete student/teacher details.
This will be comfortable and flexible as per your requirements.
The parent portal allows parents to check student performance in studies, attendance and also about any extracurricular activities. This also simplifies the process while conveniently bringing administrators, students, teachers, and parents together with hassle-free communication.
Yes, You can definitely export the data from this application. You can download format and fill your data later you can up load the same.
Yes. You can send bulk SMS to parents, students and teachers from your end. Its a hassle free process.
Following is a synopsis of how we can support parents:1.Easy access to their information 2.Performance Reports 3.Knowledge Base Access (Documents, Study Material, etc.)