Your E-School is a complete school management software with various modules which helps to (supervise/operate) or record full school system such as Student information, Teacher information, Attendance, Admissions, Time table, Exam marks, Library management, Fee tracking, Transport management and we can say, it is about complete student/teacher details.
This will be comfortable and flexible as per your requirements.
The parent portal allows parents to check student performance in studies, attendance and also about any extracurricular activities. This also simplifies the process while conveniently bringing administrators, students, teachers, and parents together with hassle-free communication.
Yes, You can definitely export the data from this application. You can download format and fill your data later you can up load the same.
Yes. You can send bulk SMS to parents, students and teachers from your end. Its a hassle free process.
Following is a synopsis of how we can support parents:1.Easy access to their information 2.Performance Reports 3.Knowledge Base Access (Documents, Study Material, etc.)